New Service Connections

New Service

New customers are required to complete an application and place deposits to set up new service.  These services include electric, water, sewer and trash. 
In order to comply with the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Prevention Program, applicants will need to appear in person at City Hall and provide us with a valid form of government issues photo identification.  All deposits must be received prior to service connections.
Service Deposits

Commercial and residential deposits are:  $250.00/$350.00 for electric and $50.00/$100.00 for water, sewer and trash.  Deposits can be accepted by cash, check, money orders and credit cards.  However; credit card payments can not be accepted at City Hall at this time.  For credit card payments please contact us at 361-596-4621 for payment instruction.

Connection Schedule
Normally connections are completed the same day deposits are received.  The Utility Clerk can provide your connection date at the time your application is submitted.