City of Moulton Birthday

On July 27, 1937 a group of concerned citizens presented County Judge Paul H. Fertsch with a petition requesting the formal incorporation of Moulton as a city.  An election was held the next month, and the proposal to incorporate passed by a vote of 154 to 49.

The City of Moulton was incorporated on August 31, 1937.  The first Council meeting was held on November 08, 1937.  F. T. Fehrenkamp serving as Mayor with Fred Pietsch, Edwin A. Jaeggli, Joe Biehunko, R. B. Papacek and Vladik Boehm serving as aldermen.  William Wachtendorf served as the first City Secretary.  Mr. Wachtendorf served the city for 36 years.

During the first city council meeting Ordinance No.1 creating the Fire Marshal Office, Ordinance No. 2 fixing the fiscal year of the city, Ordinance No. 3 regulating traffic, Orinance No. 4 regulating peddling, and Ordinance No. 5 regulating liquor.