Texas History - James S. Hogg

The 20th Governor of Texas was James Stephen Hogg.
Accomplishments: The promise to create a railroad commission was a major plank in the 1890 platform when Hogg was elected to his first term as governor. In addition to the Railroad Commission, the "Hogg Laws" included legislation reducing watered stock, forcing the sale of land corporation holdings, restricting grants to foreign corporations, and placing a ceiling for local governments' bond indebtedness. He encouraged educational institutions at all levels, and appointed C.W. Raines as state librarian in 1892. Railroads, banking, and business opposed Hogg's reelection in 1892, but he was supported by farmers and local newspapers. 
He was born on March 04, 1851 in Rusk, Texas and died on March 03, 1906 in Houston, Texas.