Texas History - Rick Perry

The 47th Governor of Texas was James Richard Perry.
Accomplishments: Perry assumed the governorship of Texas in December 2000, after Governor George W. Bush resigned following his election as President. Perry was re-elected Governor three times, becoming the longest-serving Governor in Texas history. As Governor, Perry identified as a staunch conservative, enacting conservative fiscal policies, restrictions on abortion and expanded gun rights. Perry being anti-abortionist, he passed the 'Prenatal Protection Act' in 2003, he also passed a malpractice settlement cap and established the non-profit organization known as the 'OneStar Foundation,' to bring various non-profits together to share resources and volunteer to reach their respective missions. Perry supported a Texas constitutional amendment that banished same-sex marriages. The following year, he reduced the property taxes paid to school districts. He issued an executive order that stated that every sixth-grade girl must be vaccinated with ‘Gardasil,’ as a precautionary measure against the human papillomavirus (HPV), one of the prominent causes of cervical cancer. Even though the order did not make it mandatory for parents to get their daughters vaccinated, and they could opt out, Perry overturned the provision. July 2013, Perry announced that he would not run for the re-election in 2014 and that he would resign after the 2014 elections. He officially retired on January 20, 2015.
He was born on March 04, 1950 in Haskell County, Texas.