City Administrator

The City Administrator is an official appointed as the administrative manager of the city, in a council-manager form of city government.

As the top appointed official in the city, the city administrator is typically responsible for most if not all of the day-to-day administrative operation of the municipality, in addition to other expectations.

Some of the basic roles, responsibilities, and powers of a city administrator include:

Supervision of day-to-day operations of all city department and staff, directly and through department heads;

Oversight of all hiring, firing, disciplining and suspensions;

Preparation, monitoring, and execution of the city budget, which includes submitting each year to the council a proposed budget package with options and recommendations for its consideration and possible approval;

Main technical advisor to the council on overall governmental operations;

Public relations, such as meeting with citizens,  citizen groups, businesses, and other stakeholders;

Operating the city with a professional understanding of how all city functions operate together to their best effect;

Attends all council meetings, but does not have any voting rights;

Implementing the policies and procedures adopted by the city council;

Preparation and coordination of public information via newsletters and other forms of communication;

Additional duties that may be assigned by the council.

The City Administrator’s Office is committed to providing the highest level of service to the entire community.  It is the City Administrator’s goal to interact with our citizens and customers in a professional, responsive and courteous manner at all times; and to be available and accessible to the community we serve. 

LuAnn D. Rogers, TRMC currently serves as City Administrator. 
Ms. Rogers may be reached at 361-596-4621 or by email at