Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition (probation) is a privilege, not a right, and is granted at the sole discretion of the Judge.  This option is only available when the defendant is not eligible to take a driver safety course.   The Sworn Request for Deferred Disposition must be made on or before the appearance date on your citation and must meet all of the eligibility requirements to receive the court’s permission.   Deferred Disposition may be from 90 – 180 days probation. 

You are eligible to be considered for Deferred Disposition if you: 

  • Complete the Sworn Request for Deferred Disposition
  • Are not eligible for Driver’s Safety Course
  • Do not possess a commercial driver’s license in any state.
  • Have not had probation for dismissal of a citation within 12 months prior to the issue date of your citation. 
  • Submit payment of the special expense fee.  Contact the Municipal Court Clerk for this amount. 

NOTE:  If citation is traffic related and you are under 25 years of age, completion of a driver’s safety course within 90 days from the request  is a requirement as part of the deferred disposition terms. 

If you fail to meet the terms of the probation, the court will set up a Show Cause Hearing.  The hearing is your opportunity to speak with the judge regarding why you failed to comply.  If you fail to appear at your hearing, a conviction will be entered and reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.