City Secretary

City Secretary’s Office

The City Secretary’s Office strives to serve the citizens of Moulton by assisting, promoting, and enhancing the governmental process of the municipality by: 

Supporting the city council and the city administrator in fulfilling their official duties;

Providing public access to the municipal records and other information;

Serving as Chief Officer of municipal elections;

Recording all legislative actions of the city council;

Archiving and preserving all governmental documents of the city;

Arranging all city council meetings by preparing and posting the agendas, and keeping accurate written minutes and audio recordings of all proceedings;

Fulfilling Open Records Requests made to the city administration department;

Serves as Records Management Officer, overseeing the records management of city documents;

Serving as the custodian of the city corporate seal and attesting the Mayor’s signature on all official documents;

Posting all legal notices required by state law and publishing all legal ads for adopted ordinances and notices of elections;

The City Secretary is an officer of the city, appointed by the city council per statutory position required by State Law. 

LuAnn D. Rogers, TRMC currently serves as City Secretary. 
Ms. Rogers may be reached at 361-596-4621 or by email at