FAQ's Utility Billing

What is required to turn service on temporarily so I can clean and empty a house or do maintenance?
The regular application and deposit requirements apply for temporary service.

I have one account with the City already. How do I establish an additional account at another address?
Each address requires an application and deposits in order to receive service.

I had a leak, can I get an adjustment on my water bill? Does the City make exceptions for hardship cases?
The City does not make adjustments but it may be possible to receive a payment plan up to three months for large balances.

I need service but I have a delinquent bill from an old account. How can I get service?
The past due amount must be paid on the old account.  New service requires an application and deposits.

My service has been disconnected. How do I re-establish service?
The past due amount must be paid in full with a required $50.00 re-connection fee to be paid.  Service will be re-connected the same day if payment is received before 3:00 p.m.

Can I turn my water back on myself?
No.  Only authorized City personnel are allowed to re-connect service.  Tampering with a meter could cause damage to the gate valve.  Also, turning a meter on without authorization is considered theft.

Why was I not notified in person before my services were disconnected?
The City sends out your bill around the 02nd of each month.  Your bill is due on the 15th of each month.  A late notice is generated on the 16th of each month informing customers of late fees and disconnection dates.  City staff makes every effort to telephone each customer on the day of disconnection in order to avoid a disruption in service.

I paid my bill, why did I receive a late notice?
We either received your payment after the disconnect notices were mailed or we did not receive it at all.  Please call City Hall at 361-596-4621 to make sure your payment arrived.  This is the only notice you will receive.

Does the City pay interest on my deposit?
The City does not pay interest on deposits.  Most deposits are $300 and any interest earned would be minimal when you deduct the costs to manage the program.  The interest earned on deposits is used to help pay the costs of operating the utility systems which helps maintain the lowest possible rates.

When will I get my deposit back?
Your deposit will be refunded to you after your deposit is applied to any unpaid balance.  The remaining amount will be mailed to your forwarding address.